The Long Struggle Artfully Completed

February 25th was the start of this painting…

It was started with much enthusiasm but as the weeks went on I lost the spark ~ oh it happens now and again ~ but honestly why finish something you are not keen on? Well sometimes I am not keen on life but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop living! It just makes the good times better.

And so it will be with this painting. I made it thru to the end and now have a large green painting to hang at the Comox Airport, where many will appreciate it while they wait to board their planes. It will hopefully remind them of the wonderful wild west coast of Vancouver Island, where they spent some memorable hours/days, prompting them to remember to come back.

The inspiration for it came from one of our trips to Cox Bay near Tofino. A wonderful place to walk or watch the surfers.

In Cox Bay there are several small hills that are inaccessible during high tide but can be walked on and around when the tide is out ~ these happened to be of interest to me because of the bent, wind battered trees on top.

When I was a child I marveled at the wind swept trees on sections of the coast here. My father was into making  Bonsai trees at that time and they reminded me of his trees at home on the mainland in their tiny pots, wired into interesting shapes. Only these were done by mother nature ~ what a wonderful gardener she is…

Struggle Above High Tide excellent shot 2014

 ” Struggle Above High Tide”

I really did struggle with this ~ so much green and how to make the sections of green stand out from the other green ~ experimenting with cold and warm greens ~ juxtipositioning warm and cold, or then again I thought, should I use only cold here and warm there? hmmm good question.

Many times the answers to my painting problems come in dreams ~ not this time. I only had nightmares about  this one! hahaha ~ just kidding. I solved several “depth problems” by adding glazes at the end pushing the background away from the foreground by using a blue then brown glaze. i finished off the sides and bottom and voila it is ready for the Comox Airport, just in time for all those island visitors, any of whom will see this sight on their journey.

Struggle Above High Tide sideview 2014

Well enough about this one~ now onto some smaller paintings ~ I am working on a series of boats for the Mark Penney Gallery in Ucluelet so must get started before the season is over!!

Thank you struggle ~ it makes the next painting easier…



5 comments to The Long Struggle Artfully Completed

  • Heidi Smith

    the painting is awesome, Lisa – know the area well from our travels to the Island. How large is it?

    • Lisa

      hello Heidi,
      I hope all is well in Edmmonton. The painting is 3 feet x 4 feet.It $4500.00.

      And by the way ~ I am coming out to Edmonton in June for the Art in the Park and Art Trends Gallery Show. Perhaps we can make arrangements to meet for coffee or wine depending on the time of day! LOL

      cheers, elissa

  • Love it, Elissa! I’ll get to see it in person in a couple of weeks when I go to Edmonton to visit my daughter (and especially my granddaughter) for a few days.

  • Constance

    What a beautiful result. In birthing any life, there is always the struggle. Bravo for you for pushing on through. The result is a painting filled with life!
    I miss our lessons together and wish we were nearer so that I could benefit from you gifts as an instructor.
    Be well.

    • Lisa

      Thanks Constance for the acknowledgement ~ I hope all is well with you two. I miss you too ~ not for instruction but for yourself and sense of humour………all the best and enjoy the long weekend…………..elissa