Saying Goodbye ready for MAC show Dec 3rd

Today I will walk you thru the last processes of this 3 paneled painting…

After waiting for a day, I went back to the studio and analysed the painting. I wanted to soften up the mid sky area, and i decided to do this with glazes.

For the top portion of the sky which has a cold appearance I used a mix of silver paint, in this case Lucas brand, a bit of Titanium White and liberal amounts of  Resin gel. I worked this into a large blob on my palette and then tested it to make sure it wasnt overpowering ~ in other words when it was applied you could see thru it. When I was satisfied that it had the transparent qualities I wanted I began brushing it on with a large house painting brush  ~ my wonderful 2″ Purdy’s angle brush. I used circular movements and really brushed it hard into the canvas so that the texture of the material in the canvas would pick it up. In the picture below you can see the difference between the panel with the glaze and the left hand panel with out the glaze. IMG_2261 As you can see I have not started the Seagulls yet ~ I will wait to see how much softer the sky will become with this glazing. I actually ended up adding 2 coats of glaze to the top sky. IMG_2263   Once I had finished the upper portion of the sky with a silver glaze, I mixed Renaissance Gold with a tad of Titanium White and liberal amounts of Resin gel. you are probably wondering why I use the white ~ I find without it the gold/silver overtakes the painting underneath and can have an odd sheen to it when dry. Now to paint the mid sky and ocean with this mix. I use the same circular motions and really scrumble it in to the canvas. Once it is painted I wait until the glaze is a bit tacky ~ then I go back with a soft clean brush maybe a 1″ flat head or a # 8 filbert and gently brush the entire area making certain that there are no excessive amounts of glaze in any area. This painting required 3 coats of glaze for the mid sky and water and 2 coats of glaze for the upper sky. I felt this softened it enough and made the painting more homogenized. Here is a pic of the finished sky and water. IMG_2266 Now for the last little bits. Painted the seagulls using Lamp black and Titanium White then startd with the dark areas on all three birds adding more and more white to the paint as I was working. Finally blending the colours righ on the canvas and ending up with the white highlights. IMG_2265    IMG_2264 I waited for this to dry then went back the next day and did a few small details on the birds especially more white highlights. I know a lot of artists opt for solid coloured sides but I prefer on these wrap around canvas’ to do a continuation of the painting right around the sides. I feel it gives the paintings a more finished look. OH, and don’t forget to paint the bottom, which is something I tend to do! Boy does it ever look bad when you hang it! YUK ~ that mucky old white canvas is not a good look. IMG_2271

And now for the finished piece!

saying goodbye my camera good image

Ta daaaa,

 ‘Saying Goodbye”

(3 panels each 12″ x 36″ oil on canvas wrap)

You will be able to see my newest painting and it’s friend

“December in Ucluelet”


at the MAC (McMillian Art Centre)

OCAC “Wednesday Group Show” in the Oceanside Gallery

in Parksville, McMillian Street (off of the island Highway OR the Alberni Highway)

 from Dec 3rd thru till Dec 21st

the opening is this Friday from 7 till 9 pm

~music, art and bevies~

  Gallery is open Tues. to Sat from 11:30 to 3:30

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