Rediscovering Lighthouse Country While Painting

Chrome Island looking toward Van IslaBehind Chrome Island


I am painting a series of small paintings of the area I live in. The Deep Bay spit, Chrome island, the Lighthouse Country Trail. So many places to paint in one small area.

You know, sometimes you get blasé about where you live. You forget the uniqueness of the community you live in and take your surroundings for granted.

An interesting thing has happened while painting these scenes. I have been reawakened to the beauty of Lighthouse Country. After living here for almost 15 yrs I am now seeing it thru fresh eyes and I am rediscovering why I moved here.

Oh I know it is out in the boonies and it is a bit of a drive to a big city. But I moved here for the fresh sea air, the barking Sea Lions in the morning, the feel of the ocean breeze. The stars so thick in the night sky that you can almost reach up and touch them. The quiet mornings with the sun streaming in our bedroom window. Looking out and seeing the cats playing in the orchard.

Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am to be here, My paintings have reawakened that reality.

I will be showing this series for the 1st time at the CIA TOUR coming up on November 1 and 2 2014.

CIA fall 2014


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