Ready for Opening Day a Breeze of fresh Art

I talked about struggling with my work in my last blog and it seems I was going thru a learning curve during my last painting , and that is why I  was struggling. During my lifetime I have found that I reach plateaus in all new things I learn, then suddenly a new lesson is learned the struggle is over, and away I go coasting across the plateau. I am there now. A lovely dreamy place where everything you do on your canvas seems easy.

My husband James says I go thru stages with my work ~ the first stage is delight, the second is worry the 3rd is “I don’t like it” 4th “I hate it, it’s taking to long” and the 5th “OHHHHH it is sooo good!!!!”

Struggling is part of the equation and when you find a way thru to the other side of your struggle it is liberating and fulfilling.

Hence my latest painting was a refreshing  soirée into charted waters for me. No pun intended. This work was made easier by my struggle with my last painting.

Ready for Opening Day


This new painting is entitled ” Ready for Opening Day”; another boat painting inspired by a photo by Mark Penney, who once was a commercial fisherman and now is a well-respected photographer, and owner of the Mark Penney Gallery in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island BC

It is 24″ x 18″ ( a nice change from the 3′ x 4′ I was last working on). It is oil on wrap around canvas AND has a lovely floating black frame included.

You will be able to see it here at my studio until the end of May and then off it goes to Marks gallery ~ if it doesn’t sell first at the CIA Studio Tour on the 24th and 25th. And please come by the studio to see ALL my newest paintings and Pottery, every Sunday or call for an appointment. 250 757 2361

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