Not Just Pottery

Island Inspired Works of Art in Clay

Each piece is hand built by Elissa
Anthony at her MonElissa Studio on
Vancouver Island. No two pieces are identical.

Elissa’s three dimensional Kelp bowls and tiles
are unique statements of her feelings for our Island
and it’s wealth of beaches, shorelines and tidal pools.

Elissa’s free form Kelp bowls vary in size and are never completely
round. Each bowl is a work of Art, starting at the moment the clay is
cut and Elissa begins to mould it. These bowls are not suitable for cooking
nor in the dishwasher. They are strictly ornamental.


Kelp Tiles, boat shaped tea lite holders,
and frightening froggies (with flies) are of
varying sizes so pricing is unique to each item.

Most items, excluding bowls, are under $ 75.00.
8” hand built custom bowls start at approx $ 65.00.

Frightening Froggies (with flies) are ready to hang and
start at approx $ 48.00 each. They are approx 6” in diameter.

Funky Fish range in price but are usually between $ 15.00 and $ 35.00, depending on the size and complexity of the fish.

“Swimming Salmon” start at 10” long and 31/2” tall. These  are $19.50 ea for one,
Two or three are $18.00 each,
Larger schools are priced on request.

Quotes on all items must be accepted by the client and a deposit is taken to cover the cost of supplies before hand building is started.

Shipping and handling are charged separately. International orders welcomed.

Custom Orders

Special orders, custom orders and
bulk orders for bowls and tiles are more
than welcome, especially for Kelp Bowls.
You can have your custom bowl(s) made with
more or less seaweed, kelp and fish. You can also
choose the colours for all items. Bowls can be made up to
18” across. All pieces are individually hand built so the size varies.

Schools of “Swimming Salmon” can be tailor made in groups of three
or more. Odd numbers are most appealing in a grouping. The size, colours
and quantity of fish are up to you. Please indicate if you want them to swim
from left to right or right to left.

Custom orders are encouraged and discounts are given for quantity orders.

Choose the item(s) you want and call or email Elissa to place your order.
Enter the Purchase ID Elissa gives you along with the total price below.
Make your payment using the PayPAL form below. You do NOT need an account with PayPAL and we do NOT see your bank or credit card information, which is processed securely by PayPAL.

On confirmed receipt of payment your item(s) will be shipped COD using the best option available.

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