Portraits are undertaken only after personally meeting with the client commissioning the portrait
and meeting the subject person and/or their family or friends in order to become comfortable with
the personality and characteristics that will make the portrait come to life. This research and the refined
workmanship required to produce the portrait you want will determine the price for the commission.

Portrait painted by Elissa Anthony November 2012


I met with Cindy at her home in August and we
discussed what she imagined her portrait to look like.
After an extensive chat, we settled on a mermaid theme.
During a photo shoot with Cindy in various clothed poses I realized
I had a real firecracker on my hands! Her joy of life spilled into my camera lenses.

After considering her requests, I had a phone conversation with her and told her I was
unhappy with the mermaid concept. Instead I would like to try to capture her free spirited
spontaneous, fashionable diva self in a more conventional way.

She allowed me the artistic freedom to proceed. That was soooo liberating for me.

Cindy had spent time in India and it has heavily influenced her fashion sense. She also
makes her own jewellery (which she is wearing in the painting) and has a flare for decorating
(Indian patterns) which I incorporated into the background. When Cindy and Brian received their
painting thru Canada Post, they phoned to let me know they were over the moon. I was so pleased ~

intuition is this artists best friend.


~ elissa ~