Political Correctness Artfully Forgotten

Ok, so I summed it up in the title… and now I will say it ~ I am sick and tired of amateur photographers posing as artists because they can take a programme like Photoshop and “enhance” their images thru the click of a mouse. If I see one more over saturated photo online i am going to scream!

I can do that to (and I do), BUT I don’t call it art ~ I call it an enhanced photo taken by a mildly acceptable photographer (me). First off, I usually don’t feel the photo is good enough, so I try to make it better thru the use of my trusty computer.

Let these artists pay their dues by taking some pictures with an old-fashioned box camera, do the dark room process and come out with a perfect piece. Or better still give them a paint brush, canvas and  much time in a studio. Nothing in my studio is accomplished with the click of a mouse and not everything I do is a masterpiece! Some amateur photographers think that once they have enhanced their image it is a masterpiece. Sorry, no.

I say we give them a new name as well ~ how about a combo of two words photo and artist =”phartists” or photartisans (emphasis on the first syllable). Now that sounds good and puts a calming chasm between the two principles; painting and photography.

And also ~ have you ever noticed the ego on some of these “Phartists/Photartisans”? I have felt their loftiness first hand. I did a joint show with a photographer who showed far too much “attitude” for my taste at the Opening!

Ok before you cry foul play ~ I must qualify this ~  NOT ALL PHARTISTS/PHOTARTSANS are illegitimate.

Oh no ~ I know many who are wonderful, talented people who compose incredible work thru composition, lighting and subject matter like my friends Wayne Buhr, Mark Penney and Donna Wickstrom. These are artists who practice photography. Photographers to be exact. Phartists/Photartisans Supreemo

Take a look at the photography of Yousuf Karsh who became famous for his photo’s of Winston Churchill shortly after he addressed our House of Commons in 1941.

Or Ansel Adams with his incredible wildlife and landscape photography.

And note that much of this work was photographed in Black and White. Certainly not enhanced with a computer. The lighting wasn’t manipulated thru a programme, It was all done manually in the darkroom with longer “tray times’ etc to get the look they were after.

Mathew Brady is another great photographer specializing in war images. Very poignant, some disturbing and mostly un-enhanced.

All the above wonderfully talented photograhpers/photartisans/phartists

Perhaps the phartists/photartisans I am talking about are not aware of the intricacies of painting? Perhaps they feel that we sit down and it all comes to us thru signs from dead relatives? Or even that we are blessed with channeled  talent that oozes out of our fingers, making the process of painting a picture simply a wave of a hand?

Being a professional of any sort takes education (not always ~ “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” ), integrity, humility, paying dues or time to grow in your chosen field and a sense of decorum/respect for those in similar fields.

Ok my Monday Rant is over….. any questions? LOL

3 comments to Political Correctness Artfully Forgotten

  • Heidi Smith

    what about artists that use photoshop to enhance their photos and project and paint them?????

    • Lisa

      Heidi ~ I dont have a problem with that ~ it is a means to an end. I do it and I know lots of others who do but I wouldnt call what I was working
      from “a work of art”. It’s my job to interpret what I see when I start the actual painting and make it my own.which as you know I always do ~ never a direct copy of the projected image.
      My question to you is this…. if a photographer uses photoshop to make it “his own”, does that make it original? hmm good question

  • Donna Wickstrom

    Hi Elissa – well you PM’d me that I was in your latest blog so my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to find out what you said! I’ve read it through, and by the end my huge smile and chuckle are evidence of what I thought of your ‘rant’! (Loved it)!! I also love your art – yes, you are indeed an artist! Hadn’t thought about it being channelled though…food for thought 😉 I do have PS Elements, but sadly it is rusting away on my hard drive due to my inability to ‘get it’ and take the time needed to learn how to use it. Creativity for me has come in many forms over my lifetime – it certainly is at the core of who I am and will always be there with me. Don’t you just love being an artist!!