Ocean start to finish

Last week I talked about how I painted the mountain range. This week we will work on the water. It is a similar process to the sky in so far as I lay in colours beside each other and then mix them on the canvas. However I try and make the strokes horizontal ~ we don’t want the water looking like a Tsunami!  Check it out below. This is with the colour being laid on and lightly mixed together afterwards.

IMG_2248 IMG_2246


Don’t think this is a fast process on a piece this size. It took me approximately 3 hours to flesh this out. Now don’t worry if it looks a bit rough now. I used a variety of brushes, starting with a #4 filbert and carrying on to a # 6 filbert. I used a house brush ~ I prefer a Purdy’s 1″ brush to blend. A hake brush works just as well. I keep this dry and clean between uses.


I am using essentially the same palette as the rest of the painting, this will help unify the various sections. Finally here is a pic of my completed (to this point) water.


I select a small chisel brush #2 to add the highlights/lowlights to the water. Remember not to be too symmetrical. Make each brush stroke as asymmetrical as possible. Instead of 1 2 3 make it 12 3, 1  2   3, 1  23 and so on. I like to call that symmetrical rigid look “wall paper”. My students will remember hearing that on occassion. The rest of this process is about patience and walking away from your canvas to really check out your progress.


Now to stand back and measure your happiness with the random natural look of light on water!


Next week we will complete the panels ~ the adding of the seagulls and a few finishing tips to make this a wonderful painting that I will be proud of…………see you then

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  • Bonnie Smith

    Breath-taking…well done Elissa
    I have been thinking of doing a mountain scene, like on my fb wall… with an old window pane in the front. As thought you are looking out at this view from inside. Bonnie