New work Just in Time for Christmas Rush

Gabriola Island Hidden Paradise 2' x 3' oil on canvas

      Gabriola Island Hidden Paradise 2′ x 3′ oil 

Hello ~ it has been a long since I wrote, but I thought it was about time I did a little show and tell.

Everyone knows that series usually do well, so I have consciously tried to put a group together. The first one (shown above) was done many years ago now and has become recognizable as my signature piece. I have painted this 3 times for different people and each time it looks totally different. I never get tired of this scene.

Gabriola Island Galleries Unseen 2' x 3

           Gabriola Island Galleries Unseen 2′ x 3

Next ~ many years later, James and I went to Gabriola Island for one of their Studio Tours, and ended up over near the “Galleries those famous Sandstone formations that look exactly like Waves. “. The tide was out, and I walked to the edge of the shoreline and got several photos of it. It is not usually painted from this angle and that was what I liked about it. When I got home I did a “stitch” of 3 of the photos. when I saw the results I knew I had to paint it!

Williams Beach This Spring

Williams Beach This Spring 2′ x 3′ oil on canvas

This year, my girlfriend Nancy and I spent a day up Island at the Coastal Black Winery getting reference material and photo’s for my Show there in September.

On the way back we decided to do a little exploring and ended up down at “The Alders Resort”. We went to the office and asked to walk on the beach and this is when we met Cheryl. She kindly showed us ALL the very rustic cabins on the property ~ each one different in it’s on way. We asked about this and apparently these cabins were built by different individuals who worked at a mill near by. The property was owned by the mill.

It so reminded me of going to the cottage in Ontario, when I was young. Every year my parents would take us away to “cottage country” to stay either with Aunts and Uncles or rent one for ourselves. My brother and I spent all day on the beach, swimming water skiing or just lounging about. Unfortunately the beaches in Ontario do not have the driftwood we get here on the West Coast, but still a wonderful way to spend my childhood summers. I still really enjoy lake swimming as opposed to the ocean.

After Cheryl showed us the property, I asked if we could walk the beach and she graciously consented.

What a beautiful beach they have. It was early spring and the air was crisp, the new crop of driftwood had been piled on top of last years by the winter storms. The seaweed left  a line around the bay so we knew exactly how high the tide had been earlier.williams-beach-good-shot-2016

2′ x 3′ oil on canvas

This last painting was completed yesterday and completes this series ~ well maybe who knows what is next!

I exhibited my paintings with a fellow Artist at Bette Kosmaloks Home a few weeks back. The two of us were having a discussion and Lynn, who has been painting for 5 yrs,  said ” I never do series”.  I said “Oh you will, when  you have painted long enough. There is always several that could be considered a “series”.

Enjoy my latest creations ~ the last two are for sale ~ what a great christmas gift for someone you love.

My studio will be open for the Mid Island Studio Tour on the 26th, 27th and 28th.

All my paintings will be 30% off and I will have a selection of paintings that I will be selling for 50% to 70% off

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