Mountains fog and sky

Today I am going to put the finishing touches on the sky (for the moment)and finish the mountains.

The first thing I do is hobble down the stairs, out the door and over to the studio. Over to the Ipod player ~ oh and there is KD (the cat) scratching at the studio door ~ she thinks she is the studio cat. Personally I think she likes the peace and quiet away from his nibs, Dorian(our other cat).  He chases her relentlessly around the house. not that she is any angel …

I digress ~ over to the easel to assess what needs to be done. I see some touch ups that should be taken care of before I proceed with the mountains. I will be mixing up new paint today. My pallets are running low. I do my few touch ups first ~ this means the touch ups are done with the original mix. I have two pallets on the go ~ one with the naples yellow mixes and one with the grey mixes. When I am not using one or the other I keep them in the freezer to keep the paint soft until I need it again.





After the mixing is done and I am happy with the colour matches I start laying on the grey paint (which is actually a mix of Lamp Black, Ultra marine Blue, Diozanine Purple, Sky Blue and Titanium White). These are in various amounts. I usually do a small experimental pile until I am satisfied with what I have. Then I do larger amounts so that I keep the colours consistant. This is really important with these larger paintings.

I don’t  blend the paint to start. I lay the colours either beside each other  or on top of each other as shown here.







and then after they are side by each I start to blend the lighter “fog” colours into the darker colour.

After this is done I am going to paint the sides so that I can get a real feel for how it will look hanging. This is a picture of how it looks so far…… grey. I repeat this in three steps ~ basically one canvas at a time. after you are satisfied with the blending move on to the next step which is laying in the foreground mountains. This is a mix of the colours mentioned above minus white.



If you have any questions about the process so far please do not hesitate to ask…….happy painting until next week when we will tackle the water

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