Long Distance Shows vs Open on Weekends

Happy Happy Long weekend….

I have had a wonderful lazy week working in the garden after a whirlwind trip to Edmonton for the “Art In The Park” event, sponsored by Art Trends magazine and gallery.

The Show was a success in terms of contacts and the sale of prints and cards, however not as many exhibitors or attendees as I was lead to believe. I do think I had no choice but to go as my painting was on the front cover of the “Art Trends” Magazine. I didn’t feel I was promoted as well as she said I would be in our correspondence’s. I wasn’t introduced to anyone in particular during the show. And although I was interviewed for television (city news Edmonton) it was late in the day and so the hype wasn’t there and I sold no original art

Of course these are the things most artists don’t tell you…for some ALL shows are successes and like fisherman those 2 paintings sold turn into a dozen or so!

I have learned over the yrs to subtract by half then take away another half, from these success stories.

This is the plight of the artist… however I am sure something good will come from my struggles. It always has in the past. It may be in the form of a visitor to my studio from Edmonton later this summer who met me, bought a print  and now wants to buy an original painting, or a commission piece for the young couple who fell in love with “Storm Watch”. One never knows and I am always pleasantly surprised by the domino effect of the so called “unsuccessful” shows.

People from Edmonton and Calgary have very fond memories of their time here on Vancouver Island and I was amazed at the prints I sold of seascapes, rainforests and my 1st nations influenced art.

My friend Julie Russell’s daughter Doneen was a HUGE help with putting up the tent and organizing the “two old gals”. Such a wonderful girl and creative in her own way. Thank you sooooo much Doneen. .. your kindness will create good Karma for you, Curtis and Blakely in your brand new home which you will be moving to later this month.

So I am looking forward to having my studio open for 2 days with no need to travel half way across the country to make a few sales. Live and learn even at 61!

Remember to do your homework before you make a decision of this magnitude.

But most importantly TRUST YOUR GUT ~ it never steers you wrong. Sorry gut I should have listened.


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