Inside the Painting

I have finished another prairie painting and I am so enthralled with BIG SKIES, Mountains and lakes. I am in heaven when I paint these. I sit at my easel and I am transported to each place I paint. I love it.

Jasper nat Park I did called “Swan Lake”. It is in Vernon and is one of my more realistic paintings. I got the feeling of early summer heat and insects flying about as well as a sense of serenity which I think shows in the painting. I thought about my time in England as well as the country side in Vernon. At that time of the yr they are both very similar. With the patterned fields of gold. Lush fauna and that still calm that only comes at that time of yr.

I was telling a couple of interested people that I had a dream of driving in a convertible (red of course) down a country lane, the sun was wonderful on my face and the wind felt good in my hair. I looked over to my right and there was a few houses situated near a lake. At that crystal clear moment I realized I was inside my painting. It was Swan Lake that I was driving to! I know it sounds crazy but it sure felt real.Swan lake vernon good shot for repro


Just want to share my latest creation with you. Jasper National Park I am looking forward to seeing again ~ haven’t named it yet but any suggestions would be more than welcome.

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