Gallery open for the Season



We opened up the Elissa Anthony Studio/Gallery yesterday for the first time this season. All the signs out on the highway and at the top of our street ~ the usual sunday ritual that happens during the “season” here in rural Bowser.

Back we go to the studio to wait for the first visitors of the year and what a lovely group of people we had thru. I get painting and James works in the Garden doing his favourite job ~ weeding. LOL

The first lady, Melinda has been a neighbour for many yrs now and brought along her friends from Ontario one of whom happened to live in the same town as my mother ~ Stouffville. I remember it well as I too lived there for a couple of yrs. A wonderful farming community with lovely old Victorian buildings is how I remember it. It also had one of those General Stores where you could buy everything from fine crystal to Horse pellets.  Linda’s last name was Raymer which is such a common name in that area. Although we didnt know each other, she remembered my mother in law ~ the Anthony part of my name. Great visit and my Mom phoned as i was talking to her!!

Next came Doug and Barb also from the area who had moved here 2 yrs ago from Nanaimo, both of them born here which is unusual as most people I meet are from other parts of Canada.

They are both avid outdoors people and often spent time in Bamfield and the Broken Island where they have a float home.

You know ~ it’s an special thing to watch ~ the zoning in on one painting in your gallery that just blows a client’s mind ~ and then to have both of them seeing it for the first time ~ connecting as only couples can do thru some sort of unseen energy flow. They turn to each other twinkle in eyes and one says to the other though no words are exchanged ~ this is the ONE we must have.

Black Rock ~ Room With a View

A beautiful triptych called ” A Room With a View”. I painted this last spring and it never got to leave the gallery last summer as I was incapacitated for 4 months. It is a very special painting and always reminds me of the wonderful 3 days James and i spent there enjoying Storm Watching. Some of the colours in those sunrises and settings are otherworldly ~ without using the saturation button on my computer!

The world outside often takes on a rather monotone look with very few distinct colours ~ I tried to capture that in this painting.

Thank you Doug and Barb for making my Studio Opening a wonderful success AND showing me the true nature of  “being on the same page” with your partner.

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