Edmonton Show has first painting

reflections on jasper

Yes this painting is now finished. After a wonderful weekend participating in the CIA TOUR I felt energised and really happy about the wonderful comments I got about my work and my studio. Thank you so much everyone. It makes the journey worthwhile.

As for my energy levels ~ it is amazing how much positive feed back can build them up.

Seeing old students also gives me cause to look inside and see the positive results of my actions as a teacher. Once again thanks for dropping by Irene, Anne, Nancy, Doreen, and of course Terry Bowen for being such an advocate of my art.

For me, it is an electrifying jolt of creative energy to hear someone say you changed their way of looking at this world of ours in a good way ~ to be able to see around all the shit and destruction that goes on around us all day, everyday; is a gift I have found thru my art and to be able to pass this along to others is great, but to hear about it is the icing on the cake.

Hence ~ this morning out to the studio I went, clean paint brushes in hand, coffee in the other.

Opening the door to the studio was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole ~ all manner of wonderful and weird things awaited me ~ my easel beckoned and I was elated as I mixed my colours for the last touches on  “Reflections of Jasper”

Now my first piece for the Edmonton Show is complete and I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders ~ the rest will be a piece of cake….  I hope!

After all we are an amalgamation of everyone we have ever met/taught/talked to. That is such a profound thought it just gives me goosebumps, so thanks everyone for helping me finish this painting…….more to come


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