Don't Worry, Be Happy ~ making art in 2014


I am almost ready to go back to work. The studio silently beckons me, and by the end of the week, I am sure she will have started yelling that it is time to get my butt out there. I am certainly looking forward to that moment, but I will not rush the process. And it is a process ~ I recognize the signs now and I almost savour that slow niggling build up to the creative dam bursting and my fingers and body tingling with creative energy.

Several year ago I didn’t understand this process and became totally stressed out which stymied the flow even more. It took me about 4 months to understand the difference between creative block and time out. That was a major break thru for me. I no longer see it as a creative block. It is a time to do something else AND enjoy that process for what it is. It might be baking, sewing, decorating gardening ~ whatever it is ~ enjoy. You will be astounded at how soon you are back at the easel if you just relax and go with the flow.

It was a funny Christmas this year. I was so looking forward to a big family extravaganza. We stayed at a lovely spot near Chemainus and all of the Cherry clan got together from all over the continent. It would have been great had I not come down with a terrific cold on Christmas Eve.

I will never forget spending Christmas day in bed. James insisted that he eat dinner with me. So we had our dinner on the bed, sans table! The family partied on in the next cabin and we could hear them celebrating thru the walls. Stuff of Fellini Films! Oh what fond memories…

Anyway on Boxing day James came down with it and we have spent the rest of our holidays recuperating . Thank God for the kitty pals, Netflix, Bowser water and  Benadryl.

We are both almost better. James is off to teach this morning and I am rambling around the house trying to get myself  “motor~vated”. Although I just might relax and do a little “redecorating”  in the livingroom.

It is pretty cold here on the island  -3c. Well cold is obviously a relative term especially when you consider it is -40 or some ungodly thing where my mother lives in Ontario.

Next week I would like to start a new art project here, and maybe make it into a tutorial online, over several weeks. I am thinking LARGE ~ say 6′ x 3′ to start. I am also thinking Haida, something meaningful and subtle. Not quite sure yet but by Monday I will have something interesting to get started on.

I am missing those summer trips to the islands off this one (Vancouver Island). So I am thinking about Alert Bay and Sointula for inspiration. I have tons of photos from those trips which I will peruse after writing this.

To all of my friends, peers, and students, Happy New Year and like the song says “Don’t worry, Be happy”

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