Prints & Commissions


Any of elissa’s original artworks can be made into “giclees” or digital prints. These giclees can be at any proportionate size to the original ie., 12” x 24” = 6” x 12”; and done on “wrap around canvas” which means no framing is necessary.
Paper prints are also available. These are printed on Museum Quality paper and signed and #’d by the artist. Just ask for a quote on the painting in the style (paper or canvas) you are interested in.


Commissions are an important part of Elissa Anthony’s art work. Inspired by a favorite view or photograph, a previous painting seen in the studio, at a gallery, at an art event or on this website, clients often ask for a commissioned piece or a “redo” of a previous painting. Never exactly the same, commissioned paintings are particularly unique because they are in response to the specific clients’ request. They may be a different size or feature different aspects of the image or its colors.

Recent Commissions:

1. Shannon and Mikes Vision

“This couple were enthusiastic
about certain elements of my
paintings ~ the skies and trees ~
and wanted me to create an imaginary
Island spot for them using those elements.
They needed a diptych because they wanted to
put one piece on either side of their fireplace,
but wanted them to be related to each other.We discussed
what they imagined their perfect spot to be and how they would feel when they were there. I came
up with this concept, the sketches were born and we
proceeded from there.The paintings are hanging on their deep chocolate wall and Mike and Shannon are both happy with the end result.”

2. “Dianne’s Request” Commission

“The Trews left their entire project
in my hands. This included the sketches,
concept and painting. Again,the scene was
imaginary and captured aspects of previous
paintings I had done.

They never saw the work until it was finished.

I flew out to Calgary to supervise the hanging
of the three panels along their spiral staircase, and the
Trews were totally satisfied with the final outcome. Dianne
arranged a gathering so that I could meet friends of the Trews
and unveil the painting! Is was a very special afternoon.”

Elissa is still in contact with many of the folks
she has done commissions for, which is a testament
to the kind of relationship she establishes with her clients.
All paintings are signed by the artist and have an interesting
personal message on the back of each canvas.
The pictures here show
a) the sketch and single picture outlines
b) the sketches drawn on canvas and underpainted
with the help of two ‘apprentices’
c) the finished pieces installed in the clients’ home.

Many commissions are from “scratch,” starting with sitting down with the client(s)
and learning what they want to see as the outcome of their painting.

“I like to see photos of the places they like the most and get
a feel for how they relax, see the world around them and where they feel they
fit in the big picture. This is a very exciting time and creative energy abounds
at these gatherings. We all leave energized and I am ready for the work ahead.”

The work usually begins from small thumbnail sketches done at the meeting
then goes to sketching out a full-scale image that will be transferred to the canvas.

“Once the sketches are approved the clients usually do not
see the painting again until it is finished and ready for unveiling.”

Elissa welcomes the opportunity to create an original commissioned art work for your home or office, or as a gift.
Please contact her by email with any questions or to arrange a time to discuss your requirements by phone.
You can also call her directly at 1-250-757-2361 and leave a message with a suggested time for her to call back.