CIA Tour comin up fast ~ Hot off the Easal

Incinerator Hill good photo  I cannot believe it is that time already. Our last Central Island Artisans Tour was in November 2013 and it was a total success. I did not think we would have such a wonderful turn out but, my oh my did we.

I have been working away on oil paintings and here are two which have been reworked and will be part of the Show.

The first is called Incinerator Hill  shown above ~ an oil painting which has failed to sell even though it is one of my favourites. It depicts a beach in Long Beach Park on an overcast day in November ~ I love it out there in the fall and winter. I softened the sky and added some more driftwood to the beach. I also redefined some of the background areas. I am thinkin it looks pretty good now.

The second is called “Storm Watch” and I originally did it after a trip to Ucluelet, 2 yrs ago. However I was never that happy with the wave although my photos showed it that size, in a painting it came across as just WAY to out of proportion for the canvas, so after much thought I have redone the sky and waves. Here is a pic of it after. You can see the difference between the two here.

Storm Watch - Blackrock (Ucluelet, BC) 36" x 24" Oil on Canvas


storm Watch 2 excellent photo

This time around we will have 48 galleries instead of 24 so there is lots to see in the various studios. Some have proper studios some have converted garages, others are using their living rooms and lofts. It is as much a tour of art as it is of the homes and working spaces of the creative set.

Personally I love to see how each person creates the space in which she/he develops their projects and ideas. Some have elaborate setups with a lot of equipment ~ others only need a kitchen table and some tools.

I guess my studio is somewhere in the middle, so come out and see my studio/gallery and my latest paintings and pottery on May 24th and 25th anytime between 10 am and 5 pm. Look for the house with the Elissa Anthony Studio sign in the front. There will be plenty of signage on the highway. You can pick up maps at the Georgia Park Store or the Salish Sea Market, or at any one of the participating studios


As an incentive to get out here to the big metropolis of Bowser

I will be offering 35% off my regular prices on paintings and giclees

See you next Saturday 🙂

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