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2013 MASTER Studio Tour Guide



Yes the elissa anthony studio is ready to show off.  Yesterday we colour coded the paintings and James rehung all the walls. Hanging paintings isn’t as easy as it sounds. All the prep work that no one sees takes a lot of time and effort. Especially when you are working as a team. My advise ~  be kind to each other, no swearing, (well make it minimal) and have a bottle of wine ready for the celebratory finish. Be prepared to be exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

As I get older my memory isn’t as good. By the time the measurement for the placement of the hanger registers in my brain, to when it is placed on the wall…   well that measurement is totally forgotten and the process must start again! Oh, This goes on for 20 or so paintings. And of course having a bit of a drafting background, I insist on everything being straight which sometimes involves a level!! Ouch ~ how anal is that?  (just ask James, he is the leveler). After the straightening, then the gooey stuff goes on the back of each piece to keep the paintings from moving. And the job is complete finally. And we are both still alive!

We have bagged and tagged all the art cards, earrings, prints, pottery and various odds and sods I have kicking around the studio. The furniture is polished, glass tops shining, ipod ready to play, windows cleaned, vacuuming done.


James suggested we have a special 35% sale off just for the CIA TOUR and by golly we are doing it. Most of my newest work is up, with the exception of the “Prairie” paintings which are still in Alberta.


All the wrapping paper and rack cards are ready to be stuffed into bags which have a business card attached to them ~ ohhh how together we are.

We have also priced a selection of original paintings at 50% off, which is a huge savings for buyers.


So keep an old women happy ~ no not you ~ come out to my studio on November 2nd or 3rd, say “HI” have a cup of hot chocolate, marvel at our newly hung studio and buy a painting …or two………See you then….cheers, elissa

download a map of our tour here ~  2013 MASTER Studio Tour Guide

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  • Heidi Smith

    hi Elissa (and, of course, you right-hand man James) – things look great – wish I was there to share. Have you ever tried bump-ons on the back of your paintings on the bottom left and right hand corners to stop them from moving on the wall? works great. You can get them at hardware stores or from my framer. Anyways, much success, have fun, and lift a glass of wine or two when you are done. Heidi