Student Work


Student Comments…

“Elissa was a wonderful teacher who made learning acrylic painting fun. Her work is very inspiring as well.”

Sandi Digras

“After finishing my 2nd series of lessons I know Elissa herself is one talented artist! As you work in her inspiring studio, you can try to emulate her style, but while she encourages you to try various techniques and be brave, she respects the direction your style takes and helps you produce a work you can view with pride. Her classes are relaxed and fun!”

Sally Isaksen

“I had a wonderful time as Elissa’s student. Her instruction is clear, enthusiasm contagious and energy inspiring. I highly recommend her to beginners and experienced painters alike.”

Darlene Kellett

Elissa’s classes are fun and information filled. “Rose for Tito” which I painted with her is still my favorite acrylic painting hanging in my house. I really enjoyed my classes and hope to take further classes in the future. Thank you!



Art Lessons at Elissa Anthony Studio: Overview

Ever wondered if you could paint? I offer art classes in oil and acrylic. I am able to guide you to find your style through structured exercises, experimentation and “happy mistakes”! Students work on projects they choose, including subject matter and size. New students can join any time there is an opening.
You will learn at your own pace with instruction as needed. Classes are small, allowing time for individual attention.
A relaxed, comfortable and fun atmosphere in a bright and airy garden studio with students at various skill levels develops a delightful ambiance that promotes relaxation and creativity.

Learn the Basics:

Sketching: the right pencils, paper, erasers, measurement to use;
Perspective: the art of making objects recede and give depth to the image;
Colours: colour mixing, complimentary colours, warm and cold colours, the importance of colour temperature;
Underpainting: its importance, which colours to use and why;
Creating reality from fantasy – the illusion of distance;
Brushes: sizes, styles and brush techniques;
Glazing and layering;
Composition: creating your own world using a photo;
Mixed media;
Styles: pointillism, expressionism, impressionism and more;
The importance of laughter and camaraderie at work and play.

Class & Workshop Schedule

Classes and workshops are offered at various times and locations. Check the Thoughts page for the latest schedule or sign up for our posts to receive a notice.

Supplies and Equipment

If you have supplies bring  acrylic or oil paints, brushes, smock, mediums and solvents, pencils, masking tape and canvas. I sell a small selection of Art supplies and The Qualicum Stationery Store in Qualicum Beach carries more and gives a 10% discount to my active students.
If you do not have supplies contact me – I can provide all you need as a beginner for a small fee of $5.00 per class plus a canvas (starting as low as $2.00). Learn what you need before purchasing!

Class Prices

1 – 2 hour class = $ 60.00
4 – 2 hour classes = $ 140.00 (most popular option)
1 – 4 hour class = $ 85.00 (on weekends)
2 – 4 hour classes = $ 160.00 (on weekends)
Private lessons are available @ 45.00 per hour, minimum 2 hours

Payment is always due at the beginning of the class in ALL cases.

**** Missed classes are lost classes. Due to the very small class sizes I am unable to provide “make-up” classes if a class is missed. Please be sure of your availability for the full duration (one, two or four sessions) when you sign up for classes. Notice of cancellation must be received at least 24 hours before the missed class in order to maintain your seating for future sessions. ****